|| California KL it’s an amazing school! I learned a lot of things. I came here without any knowledge of grammar. My teacher helped me to improve my English to advanced level. I appreciate everything here: good environment, friendly classmates. I say thank you for this academy. Feels like it’s my second home. ||



Studied IELTS Preparation Course

|| The good thing about California is that teachers are good. If you go to California you can make many foreign friends. You can learn different skills. The nice thing here is that it's a bit cold. There is also a cafe in California that is convenient and good ||



Studied Intensive English Course

|| First I couldn’t speak fluently and had trouble communicating with people. Then after two and half of months I improved my English. Now I am happy to meet new people with different culture. The teachers of California KL Academy are real professionals. They do not work for money. They work to improve our English. ||



Studied Academic English Course

|| I didn't have self-confidence when I came to California KL, but now I feel more capable. Moreover, I have a lot of foreign friends and great teachers. They helped me a lot to improve my English skills. California KL is a perfect international language school. Come to California KL !!! ||



Studied Intensive English Course

|| First I didn’t speak English at all. I had lessons in other academy, but the learning wasn’t successful. So I started to attend California KL Academy lessons and I got improved. The teachers helped me a lot. I made friends with my classmates. For me it is the best academy in Malaysia. ||



Studied Intensive English Course

|| California KL give detailed information about English. Teachers taught us good pronunciation and writing skills nicely. There are many homework ||



Studied Intensive English Course