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Applications of artificial intelligence- AI


Applications of artificial intelligence- AI

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One of the most common mistakes made during the IELTS exam is improper use of verbs in a sentence. The verb is the most important part of a sentence as it talks about the action taken in the sentence. A mistake in using the verb can have a significant impact on your score and may deprive you of a high score. So, make sure that you have enough ability to use the correct form of verbs in a sentence when speaking or writing.

For example, in the sentence “I have had tea,” the use of “had” is the third form of the verb derived from the first form “have.” In this sentence, “have” is presented in the present perfect tense.

In the sentence “I took tea,” the word “took” is the second form of the verb “take.” The second form of the verb means an activity that has been done in the past. If we replace the verb “took” with “take,” the meaning changes completely.

Using “take” in “I take tea” means an action that happens regularly. Whereas, the verb “take” in “I am taking tea” means an action that is happening in the present continuous tense and is ongoing.

If you do not use the correct forms of verbs, you will likely make many mistakes that will result in a negative score. So, be sure to use verbs correctly.

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