ENGLISH in 60 Seconds CaliforniaKL

Common mistakes in English

Ashamed of
, not from.

Don’t say: Daniel is ashamed from his behaviour.

Say: Daniel is ashamed of his behaviour.

Believe in, not to.

Don’t say: We believe to God.

Say: We believe in God.

Congratulate on, not for.

Don’t say: Congratulate for your accomplishments.

Say congratulate on your accomplishments.

Cover with, not by.

Don’t say: The roof is covered by leaves.

The room is covered with leaves.

Depend on or upon not from

Don’t say: It depends from him.

Say: It depends on (or upon)him.

Travel by train, not travel with.

Don’t say: Anna travels by the train every month.

Say: Anna travels by the train every month.

Please note in English we say:

By taxi, by buss, by plane, by bike, by land, by air

It is also common to say in a taxi, in a car.

On horse, on foot.


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