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homophones verbs in English


homophones verbs in English

English in 60 Seconds –  homophones verbs in English

Hello everyone, this is a California KL school lesson – English in 60 Seconds – and it’s going to be very interesting. Listen and watch carefully!

We will look at the two verbs in English which are homophones, which means that they sound the same, but obviously have a different meaning.

The first one is the verb

1. to lie, a regular verb so we have lie, lied, lied, which means to say something untrue.

He always lies.
You’re lying and that’s not good.
He lied about his age.

The second verb is

2. to lie, but it is an irregular verb so we have lie, lay, lain, which means to be in a horizontal or resting position.

He lay on the sofa all day yesterday.
I’m just going to lie down for a few minutes.
Her great success has lain in her willingness.
My cat loves lying on the bed.

Try to use these verbs as often as an opportunity presents itself, because practice makes perfect.

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