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English In 60 Seconds (“vital” And “crucial”)


English In 60 Seconds (“vital” And “crucial”)

English In 60 Seconds (“vital” And “crucial”)

Hi, this is teacher Mateen from California KL, and welcome to English in 60 Seconds.

Often times when presenting an argument in an essay, we use the phrase “very important”.

  • For example “It is very important for us to conserve the environment” Instead of using “very important”,

we could use better words such as “vital” or “crucial.”

  • For example, “It is crucial for us to conserve the environment”.

A couple of other words often used in writing are “advantages and disadvantages”, or “pros and cons”

  • For example, “There are many advantages and disadvantages to using digital currency” Instead,

you can say “There are many benefits and drawbacks to using digital currency”

  • Benefits meaning, advantages; and drawbacks, meaning disadvantages.

That’s all for today’s quick lesson,

I hope you start using these words in your essay writing.

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