IELTS Workshop

If you plan to sit for IELTS examination, please come to join us! Whether you need IELTS for education or immigration purposes,  IELTS workshop in the best English language school in Malaysia. Helpful techniques, tips, and all essential skills will be included in the course to assist you to achieve your goals.

Course Details:

  • 3 hours per day (Monday to Thursday)- 48 hours per month
  • 2 months course (96 hours)
  • 4 hours mid-term mock test
  • Small class 8-12 students
  • IELTS -workshop: IELTS course materials for each skill
  • Course prerequisite: upper-intermediate level

 Course Outcomes:

  • Learning exam skills and tips to achieve excellent academic results
  • Benefiting from mock test and feedback
  • Communicating more fluently and confidently


 The language learners must complete level 8 (Upper-intermediate).

Reasons to take this course 

  1. You want to attend an English-speaking university
  2. You want a career in an international environment
  3. You want to gain a competitive advantage in your career path
  4. You want an international certificate which proves your level of English
  5. You want better opportunities for future employment


An IELTS qualification is required by most Malaysian ,British, Canadian, Australian, Maltese and South African universities, and in some cases, American academic institutions. IELTS is often required by professional bodies and is needed for immigration for Canada and Australia. Higher Score® IELTS classes will focus on three key areas to help you achieve a great score quickly and easily: helpful exam strategies, effective exam thinking, and studying only the English you need to pass the test.


Our teachers are fully trained in what is required to get a great score in the IELTS exam. Your final result will reflect a thorough understanding of the IELTS requirements, as well as a significant improvement in your reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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