Achieve more with TEP

Join TEP at CaliforniaKL and improve your professional growth. A variety of English study programs are
tailored to enhance executives’ performance. TEP is designed to assist you in gaining the skills and
confidence you require to be more successful in your career.
-CaliforniaKl’s instructors are native English speakers who hold degrees and certificates in English,
TESOL, TESL, and CELTA with extensive ELS training. Our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and
professional with a sincere commitment in your success. By adopting communicative approach,
California KL’s instructors ensure higher language acquisition in a shorter time. With a communicative
approach, working adults will acquire skills they need for communication at workplaces. If you are
seeking to improve your English language competency as well as communication skills for your work or
study, TEP is your answer.
Student-centered approach integrates vocabulary, reading, listening, pronunciation and communicative
functions that give our participants confidence to utilize the language immediately at their workplace.
The materials are designed specifically to guarantee quality in our delivery and learning retention among
our participants.

Executive English Workshop

The TEP course aims at enhancing the specific English language skills that are necessary to your

Presentation skills:

-How to be an effective presenter
-Content organization
-Audience analysis
-Managing nervousness
– Vocal and visual delivery

Business Grammar and Writing:

-Sentence structure
-Types and styles of business correspondence
– Techniques to write business emails, reports, proposal

Contract Training

California Kl provides customized instruction for companies, groups and professional organization which
is proven to be effective. With this instruction you decide the program focus and goal based on common
The course can be conducted at a location of your choice with flexibility on class size, focus, and start
date and program length.

The Syllabus

Business oral communication skills :
-Introduction Protocol & Meeting People in Business
-The Importance of Politeness in Business – Structures and Expressions of Politeness

Asking Questions (Embedded Question Structure)
-The Present perfect Tense (in the context of the job interview)
The Basics of Customer Service
Techniques to Calm an Angry Customer
Getting Back on the Good Side of an Injured Customer
Powerful Presentation Skills
-How to Say Negative Things in a Positive Way

Business written communication skills:

– Business letters: Format, Style and Content
-Letters of Inquiry, Quotations and Offers
-Orders, Order acknowledgements
-Sales promotion letters
-Banking and Credit letters
-Memoranda, Telephone conversations and E-mails
-Business meetings
-Business reports (dealing with numbers, interpreting graphics)
-Questionnaire compilation
-Business presentations
Career skills
– Job adverts and Job descriptions
– Job interviews
– Letters of application, Cover letters and CV writing

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