Winter & Summer Camp

Every summer and winter, California KL Language Center welcomes students from around the world to attend our summer camp 2020. Malaysia, as a multi-cultural and English speaking country, is a fabulous destination for students to learn and enhance their English skills. California KL Language Center and with the help of our professional, certified and native speaking teachers, we have provided an amazing opportunity for students of different cultures and backgrounds to enjoy this memorable experience. This summer, our Language Center is hosting students from different countries to deliver the best high quality education which will not only suit their language needs but also include astonishing recreational fun.


  • 4 hours of study from 9 to 1 focusing on Listening/Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar skills.
  • The classes will be held five days a week from Monday to Friday.
  • Each class will be taught by different instructors.
  • Certificate of program completion will be awarded on the graduation ceremony.


Choose the accommodations that best suit your needs during your summer camp stay.  Arrival pick-ups and departure drop-offs will be provided.


 Stay in a dormitory sharing room with other students. Be prepared to share common bathroom and shower facilities. A dorm is a great place to practice English, meet new people and make great friends.


In a hotel room or service apartment you have more privacy. Spend your stay in luxury with your own private en suite bathroom and shower. While living in a relaxing atmosphere you can also enjoy the gym and the pool.


Although there are several outlets to buy food near the school, as well as the accommodation, the convenience of getting food delivered to your doorstep saves both time and effort. California KL Language Center provides good, healthy and quality food, ranging from local, Arabic and western. Fast food limited to 1-2 times per week.


Once a week, after class, California KL language Center arranges fun activities. These activities will be accompanied by teachers which include movies, bowling, karaoke and laser tag.


Every Saturday and Sunday, California KL Language Center arranges exciting excursions in KL and within its vicinity. These fun filled activities range from a water park, zoo, aquarium and tours of the architectural wonders as well as other landmarks with cultural importance, like temples and caves.


Experience Malaysia’s most popular Island. The island is only a one hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur, near the Thai border. Langkawi has many activities to offer. Blue water and white sand beaches are found all around the island. The spectacular views seen from the cable car showcases the island’s beautiful nature.  You can also take advantage of Langkawi being a duty free island.


  • This program and quotation is valid for June, July and August intakes only.
  • California KL Language Centre reserves the right to reject the applicants who is suffering from any physical or psychological problems.
  • California KL Language Centre reserves the right to charge students who engage in vandalism and expel students found guilty of misconduct.
  • For the students below 18 years of age, consent from their parents or guardians is required.
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