Learning English Grammar in CaliforniaKL

Stative Verbs

The Californiakl located near KLCC Towers and next to MRT station.

Hi, I’m Teacher Mahya from California KL.

Today’s lesson is on Stative Verbs.

Stative verbs describe states rather than actions, and we don’t generally use them in the present continuous form.

We may use them to talk about states, mental actions, feelings and senses.

For instance: We’d say, “I think she’s smart.” NOT  “I’m thinking she’s smart.”

Depending on the situation, sometimes stative verbs can be used in the present continuous form.

For instance:                                      “I have a daughter.” [describes a state of possession] BUT “I am having lunch.” [describes an action]

Some other stative verbs are see, understand, love and hate.

Can you think of more?

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