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Using the word definition


Using the word definition

Using the word definition

Also, use reflexive pronouns such as myself, yourself, themeselves, herself, himself and itself in the correct form and be sure to remember these pronouns in IELTS.

This situation gets worse when you doubt the correct use of “The” while speaking. The word that you have used once in the sentence should not be preceded by the letter The, but after that, every time you repeat this word, you must use these letters again before that word.

For example, pay attention to the following sentence: “I saw a beggar asking for money. It was surprising for me to see people were shouting at the beggar who was looking shabby and dirty.

This is a very clear example where the letter “The” is used when the word “beggar” is repeated in the sentence. The letter “The” is also used before such words (nouns) that we know now.

For example, when we have knowledge about a person, place or thing we are talking about, it is best to use “The” before it. Consider this example: “The man we saw in the market yesterday is my neighbor.” In this example, it appears that the person is well known to the speaker and the listener. For this reason, the word “The” is used before the word “man”.

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